Spell out an abbreviation or acronym on the first use and follow immediately with the abbreviation in parentheses if the abbreviation will be used subsequently in the same copy.

Maintain clarity in writing by using acronyms and abbreviations sparingly. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations at a great distance on the page from the fully worded version.


In numbered addresses, abbreviate Avenue (Ave.), Boulevard (Blvd.) and Street (St.). Addresses that are not numbered should be spelled out.

Common Style Pointers


Contractions reflect informal speech and writing and should be used sparingly.


When degree abbreviations are necessary, the University renders them without periods in an exception to Associated Press style. See the Degrees, Departments and Titles section for details.

Checking Facts

Nothing chips away at the University’s credibility like factual errors in text. Check every assertion, and attribute facts and statistics to their primary sources.

Headlines and Labels

Headlines and labels should be written in upstyle. Capitalize only the first letter of each word, but do not capitalize prepositions and articles.

More than, Over

Use more than to indicate greater numerical value. Confine over to spatial descriptions.

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