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Third-Party Payments

The University of Texas at Dallas provides direct billing to businesses and agencies offering tuition assistance to their employees and clients. To have a sponsor payment posted to their account, students must submit the sponsor's voucher and/or contract to the Bursar Office prior to the payment deadline. Students should review their account through EZPay to ensure the sponsor payment has been posted. Any remaining balance not covered by the third-party agency is the responsibility of the student.

Vendor / Sponsor Responsibilities

  • Vouchers/contracts will not be accepted if payment is contingent upon grades, attendance or other conditions.
  • Vouchers/contracts must clearly state all of the following information:
    • Student's full name
    • Student's UTD ID number or last four digits of the Social Security Number
    • Term of enrollment
    • Tuition and fees to be paid
    • Contact information: name, phone number, fax number, email address and billing address

  • Notify the University immediately of changes to your vouchers/contracts.
  • If a voucher has been honored and the student is terminated from your company, seek reimbursement from the student.
  • Payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Payments may be made via check, credit card or electronic funds transfer. Please contact Cynthia Ladejo at (972) 883-4034 or [email protected] for information regarding credit card or electronic funds transfer payments.

Student Responsibilities

  • Vouchers must be presented to the Bursar Office each semester on or before the payment deadline.
  • If a voucher is not received by the payment deadline,
    • Registered classes may be dropped.
    • Students will be responsible for all applicable penalties (late fees, reinstatement fees, etc.).

  • A refund will be issued to students who pay prior to submitting a voucher.
  • Vouchers encompassing more than the present semester (for example, one year) will be applied automatically each semester. Please inform the Bursar Office after registering for classes. If you do not wish to use your funds for a particular semester, it is your responsibility to notify the Bursar Office.
  • Adjustments or corrections by a third-party vendor for a students’ account may create a balance at any time. Students are responsible for paying any amount that is not covered by their sponsor. Visit our payment options page for more information on how to make payment.
  • Keep your address and phone number updated through Galaxy.
  • Students who leave or withdraw from UT Dallas must drop all of their courses before the first official class day to avoid a financial obligation, billing complications or account holds. Please notify the Bursar Office immediately if you intend to leave UT Dallas.

UT Dallas Responsibilities

  • Once a voucher or contract has been received by the Bursar Office, it will be applied to your account.
  • If a balance remains, a bill will be generated through the student’s EZPay account.
  • The Bursar Office will bill the student’s sponsor according to the instructions on the voucher or contract.
  • If adjustments are made that create a balance on a student’s account, the Bursar Office will email the student at the UT Dallas email address. If the adjustment creates a credit (negative) balance, the Bursar Office will generate a refund.


Cynthia Ladejo (972) 883-4034