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Refunds for Dropped Classes

Also see refund process.

All classes dropped? Dropped by Census Day? Dropped before first day of classes? Refund amount
No - Partial withdrawal from classes. Yes   100%
No None
Yes - Complete withdrawal from the University.   Yes 100%
No May be eligible for percentage refund.
See Academic Calendar drop dates.

Dropping a Class (Partial Withdrawal)

If you are enrolled in only one class, please see Dropping All Classes (below).

Students who drop a course or multiple courses – but remain in at least one semester credit hour – are entitled to a 100 percent refund for those classes dropped by the Census Day of the session. Students who drop classes after the Census Day are not eligible to receive a refund and retain full financial obligation for their classes.

The Academic Calendar provides the Census Day for each session. This state-mandated policy is strictly enforced. Please be aware of the Census Day for each semester/session of enrollment.

Dropping All Classes (Complete Withdrawal from the University)

Students who drop all courses or withdraw from the University may be entitled to a percentage refund determined by the drop dates published in the Academic Calendar. The state-mandated refund schedule is strictly enforced. Please be aware of the drop dates.

Students should not assume that they will be automatically dropped from their courses for non-payment. Students are solely responsible for ensuring that they have successfully dropped their courses in order to avoid additional fee charges to their accounts and to qualify for the highest percentage of refund.

Refund Policy

The University of Texas at Dallas is a State of Texas agency. The refund policy is not determined by the University, but by the statute outlined in Section 54.006 of the Texas Higher Education Code.

Students receiving Financial Aid should check with their financial aid counselor before dropping classes as the Financial Aid Office may need to adjust their financial aid award.

Certain fees are non-refundable.

Refund amounts will depend on
  • Whether withdrawal from classes is partial or complete.
  • The date the classes are dropped. See the Academic Calendar for the appropriate term.
  • The amount of tuition and fees charged, rather than the amount paid.
A student who enrolled in classes with a tuition and fee bill of $10,000 has subsequently withdrawn from all classes during the 50-percent refund period.

Amount paid Amount owed
$10,000 -$5,000 (refund)
$5,000 None
None $5,000