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Refund History

Students may view all of the refunds that have ever been created for them through the self-service portal of Orion.  Please login to Orion/Self-Service/Campus Finances/My Refund to view your refund history.  The information includes the following:

  • Refund Date – The date the refund was generated
  • Refund Amount – The amount of the refund
  • Method of Refund (Check , EFT or If applicable Void)
    • Check means the refund was a check and mailed to the address listed under mailing address
    • EFT means the refund was sent to the bank account that was set up in EZPAY
    • Reversed means the refund transaction has been voided
  • Mailing Address is the address where the check was mailed

The link for Check/Voucher Info will provide the following details of the refund check:

  • Check Number of the refund check
  • Reconciliation Status
    • R – means the refund has either been voided or it has been cashed. 
    • U – means the refund check has not been reconciled by UT Dallas.  This indicates that the refund check has not been cashed.  However, there could be a small timing difference if the student just deposited the check and it could take a couple of days for our system to be updated.
  • Act Settle Date – Means the check was cashed and this is the date the check was reconciled by UT Dallas.
  • Cancel Date – The date the refund was voided

Note:  If the reconciliation status shows “R” and the Act Settle Date is populated, the check was cashed.  However, if the reconciliation status is “R” and the “Cancel Date” is populated, the refund was voided.