2014 Conference CFP

Jan 1, 2014 by Matthew J. Brown

Announcing the 4th Annual

Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference

At the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology
The University of Texas at Dallas
May 20-23, 2014

Keynote Speaker:  

Science, technology, and medicine unquestionably have a major impact on our lives. We live with constant technological innovation and scientific discovery, and this changes the conditions that we live in, as well as the way we understand ourselves and the world around us. Science, technology, and medicine are thus entangled with our values, our culture, and our politics, and they have an important impact on policymaking and action.

Call for Papers:

We invite proposals for papers that engage with these issues from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical approaches, including philosophy of science, technology, and medicine, epistemology, ethics and political philosophy, history, science and technology studies, policy studies, and natural and social sciences. We will consider proposals for individual papers, but also thematic panel sessions and more informal formats. Please feel free to contact us early to discuss potential panel formats at [email protected]

Suggested topics for papers and panels include:

  • The role of values in scientific inquiry
  • Sexism and racism in technology culture
  • Sex and gender in medical research or practice
  • Disability studies
  • The philosophy of food (agriculture, nutrition, diet)
  • The politics of genetically modified organisms
  • Democratization of science
  • Models of science advising
  • Historical studies of values in science
  • Commercialization of science and the public good
  • The aims of science and choice of research priorities
  • Obstacles to socially or politically responsible science
  • The politics of science and technology education
  • The influence of science on ethical values, and political ideals
  • Ethics of human enhancement
  • Science communication

For contributed papers, please submit a 250-500 word abstract. For symposia and other multi-participant panels, submit an abstract up to 250 words describing the topic of the panel and descriptions of up to 100 words describing each participant’s contribution.

Submit your proposals here: http://tinyurl.com/ScienceValues2014

Please do not submit more than once for each presentation format (so you can submit as part of a group symposium as well as an individual paper, but not two papers). Participants will generally only be able to appear on the program once in any capacity. Papers that are not accepted for presentation will be automatically considered in our poster session.

Deadline is 16th of February, 2014 has been extended to March 10, 2014 has passed.

Program Commitee:

  • Matthew J. Brown, UT Dallas – Philosophy of Science
  • Dale Dorsey, University of Kansas – Ethics
  • Magdalena Grohman, UT Dallas – Psychology
  • Daniel J. Hicks, Rotman Institute, Western University Ontario – Philosophy of Science
  • Kim A. Brillante Knight, UT Dallas – Emerging Media and Communication, Literary Studies
  • Jessica C. Murphy, UT Dallas – Literary Studies, Gender Studies
  • Karen de Olivares, UT Dallas – Health Professions, Education 
  • Richard Scotch, UT Dallas – Sociology, Public Policy, Disability Studies
  • Sabrina Starnaman, UT Dallas – Literary Studies, Disability Studies