Consequences of Human Enhancement Discussion Forum

Nov 30, 2010 by Matthew J. Brown

On Wednesday (December 1) there will be a Discussion Forum in the UT Dallas Conference Center on “Consequences of Human Enhancement.” The participants will be James Von Ehr, Zyvex; Dean Dennis Kratz, UT Dallas; and Dr. Fabrice Jotterand, UT Southwestern.  The even will be moderated by Dr. Denise Park, UT Dallas Center for Vital Longevity.

Here is the prompt they will be responding to:

We would like to conclude the first round of the talks with the Discussion Forum that would allow us to move the conversation from imagining and exploring the possibilities to reflecting on the consequences of the science and technology of human enhancement.

The question that has seemed to be the most interesting and thought provoking, so far, was about our human identity in the age of technology. Andy Clark, one of the speakers, proposed that we are natural-born cyborgs, because we tend to incorporate any technology into ourselves. What does it do to our human identity and personhood? And what are the consequences/implications of such incorporation?