Impressions on The Craft of Science Fiction

Sep 29, 2010 by Magdalena Grohman

On Saturday, September 18 2010, the Center for Values hosted writers’ workshops on the craft of science fiction. The group of 20 plus science fiction savvies met with our two guests: Robert J. Sawyer and Tony Daniel.  For almost seven hours Rob and Tony were sharing their craft with us: how to work on a concept, how to introduce the main characters, and how to devise a problem our heroes would work hard to solve, how to make the plot plausible and interesting? And most importantly, how to craft a dialog with our audience about the issues we deem essential, whether it is an emergence of a AI consciousness, or the issue of singularity, or alternative universes, or… human enhancement.

We perspired, and we laughed, and we were filling our minds with nutritional food-for-thoughts for the story we are going to write one day. At least some of us will.