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Removed: Mapping the Space Inside the Empty
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013 - Wednesday, Nov 16, 2013 Location: Visual Arts Building, Mezzanine Gallery

ERIC KEIG Art Exhibition – Senior Honors Thesis

Opening Reception: Friday, October 18, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Eric Keig's series removed examines the human relationships to object and space through an exploration of urban architectural landscapes and banal institutional interiors. Conceptual rather than documentary, the photographs outline a loose typology of “objects” presented in commonplace, everyday surroundings. Exploring the duality of absence/presence, what appears as object coetaneously identifies as empty, negative space. The differentiation between the idea, the object, and the space has been questioned, blurred: removed.

Eric explains the motive behind his work: “removed is not about photography. It documents instead an experience of merging with—of becoming the space. It records an experience of relating to public space in a very intimate, private way.”

“The repetition of form and idea suggests additional perceptions. The potential to see beyond the mundane representations that surround us equates the alteration of the object and the space with a personal clarification. It becomes a meditation: an opportunity to see the hidden, to move past what we perceive as access denied.”

The artist describes his working materials and process: “The photographs are a presentation medium for a site-specific installation. I assemble these installations using everyday objects as sculptural material: arranged, then removed from their original context and placed in a new context in relation to other object/space constructions. Through the repetition of this process, patterns begin to emerge (mapping). Wandering is a part of the design, along with dismantling and reassembling to create new structural relationships, and the appropriation of ready-made sculptures presented as proofs of the constructed idea. I call this process 'wandering methodically.'”

Eric states, “The images in removed include what artist Luisa Lambri refers to as 'the silent presence of another person'—the contemplative and voyeuristic gaze of the photographic creator into the space—interacting with the space and with the viewer of the work who looks into that space alongside them. As Lambri refers to her work, she perfectly describes my own. 'The subject of my photographs is the human being—even if you never see anyone in my image,' Lambri says. 'It is about the relationship that people have with the world around them.'”



Eric Keig is an artist working primarily with the mediums of photography and sculpture. Living for several years in the American West transformed his perception of his Dallas birthplace, and the substance of the artwork that followed his return. His images often involve urban spaces recontextualized through the eyes of the Western landscape. He is currently completing his Senior Honors Thesis and doing graduate coursework in Art/Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Eric has exhibited in numerous juried and invitational art exhibitions in the Dallas area. He won the award for “Best Digital Photography” in an exhibition juried by Assistant Curator of Photographs Jessica May, Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Texas (Spring Show 2011/UTD).

Contact Info:
Arts and Performance Office, 972-UTD-ARTS
Questions? Email me.

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