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Physics Colloquium: Strongly Interacting Electrons and Novel Electronics in Graphene-Based Transistors
Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015
3:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Location: FN 2.102

Dr. Jairo Velasco Jr. (UC Berkeley)

     Graphene, a two-dimensional single atomic layer of carbon, has stimulated substantial interest because it is a rich model system for scientific exploration and a promising candidate for future electronics. I will discuss my studies on graphene-based transistors, which lead to the realization of new physical phenomena that is relevant for fundamental science and new device applications. 
     The first part of my talk will focus on electron transport measurements of devices comprised of graphene bilayers. The exceptional sample quality achieved permitted the first observation of an intrinsic gapped insulating state that arises from strongly interacting electrons. These results demonstrate graphene bilayers host intriguing correlated electron phenomena and suggest a promising route towards new device applications.
     The second part of my talk focuses on optoelectronic and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) measurements of heterostructures comprised of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (BN). First, for the optoelectronic study, I will discuss an emergent photo-induced doping phenomenon that enables flexible and repeatable writing and erasing of charge doping patterns in graphene on BN with visible light. This work contributes towards understanding light matter interactions in graphene/BN heterostructures. Secondly, for the STM study, I will discuss characterization and manipulation of individual native defects in an intrinsic bulk BN insulator. Normally, this would be impossible to probe in STM due to the lack of a conducting drain path for electrical current. However, the use of a graphene capping layer on BN permits exploration of defect phenomena in the underlying insulating BN.


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Michael Kesden, 972-883-3598
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