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Physics Colloquium: Spin-orbit coupling effects in 2D heterostructures and superconductors
Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Location: SLC 1.102

Dr. Enrico Rossi (William and Mary)

The ability to realize 2D crystals and advances in fabrication techniques allow the realization of new heterostructures with novel properties.  I will first discuss the case of heterostructures formed by one sheet of graphene, or bilayer graphene, and a topological insulator.  I will show how the twist angle between the graphene layer and the TI can be used to tune the electronic properties of such heterostructures and I will discuss their spin-dependent transport properties.  I will then consider heterostructures formed by a 2D crystal and a superconductor and show that in some of these heterostructures an anomalous odd-frequency pairing term can be induced due to the interplay of spin-orbit coupling and superconductivity.  Finally, I will discuss how the presence of spin-orbit coupling affects the bound states induced by impurities in superconductors and the conditions necessary to drive a chain of such impurities into a topological phase exhibiting Majorana modes.

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Michael Kesden, 972-883-3598
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