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Computational Science Seminar by G. Stuart and M. McChesney
Friday, Oct 28, 2016
12 p.m. - 1 p.m. Location: FO 1.202

This week we reprise two 20 minute talks from the Society of Exploratoin Geophysics Annual Meeting which was held last week in Dallas.

Georgia Stuart 

Mathematics, UTD

A two-stage Markov chain Monte Carlo method for velocity estimation and uncertainty quantification

Bayesian seismic inversion can be used to sample from the posterior distribution of the velocity field, thus allowing for uncertainty quantification. However, Bayesian techniques like Markov chain Monte Carlo (McMC) can be extremely computationally expensive. We propose a two-stage McMC method where an upscaled wave equation solver is used to quickly filter out unacceptable velocity fields, thus reducing the computational expense. We have found that the data generated by the full fine-grid solver is correlated with the data generated by the upscaled solver, so the upscaled solver is a valid filter.

Matthew McChesney

Geophysics, UTD

Rate and state flow and deformation simulation of microseismicity with elastic emission wavefield synthesis 

Understanding the flow and deformation that occurs in a reservoir during fluid injection for enhanced oil recovery is critical for maximizing the efficiency of production from unconventional reservoirs. A one-way coupled model for flow and defromation simulation is used for microseismic nucleation and subsequent wavefield modeling of elastic emissions from the microseismic events.

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John Zweck, 972-883-6699
Questions? Email me.

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