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Physics Colloquium: Synthesis of Organic Nanowires and Nanoribbons
Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. Location: SLC 2.303

Dr. Alon Gorodetsky (UC Irvine)

One-dimensional organic nanowires and nanoribbons represent idealized model systems for investigating charge transport mechanisms at molecular length scales. However, there are significant difficulties associated with the synthesis of organic nanowires and nanoribbons with precisely defined sequences, lengths, geometries, and terminal functionalities. By drawing inspiration from both biological systems and graphite materials, we have developed facile strategies for the covalent assembly of organic semiconductor building blocks into well-defined one-dimensional ensembles. We have investigated the properties of these nanowires with a suite of spectroscopic, electrochemical, scanning prove microscopy, and computational techniques, discovering unique emergent properties and new functionality for our constructs. Such findings hold significance both for fundamentally understanding nanoscale charge transport phenomena and for the ultimate development of next-generation molecular electronic devices.

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Michael Kesden, 972-883-3598
Questions? Email me.

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