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Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Motor Drives and Components by Dr. Bilal Akin (UT Dallas)
Friday, Dec 15, 2017
1 p.m. - 2 p.m. Location: ECSS 3.503

Our research aims to investigate incipient faults of drive components (i.e. motors, power semiconductors) and create online fault diagnosis / failure prognosis tools to establish early warning system for power electronics systems. The rapid and widespread deployment of drives and power devices raises significant reliability concerns, particularly for mission and safety critical systems due to limited field data and potential uncertainties. Continuously monitoring these systems is essential to prevent unexpected shutdowns and catastrophic failures that may result in fatal accidents or significant operation loss. However, current diagnostic engineering tools are not mature enough to detect or identify failure precursors in real time, leading to a major reliability gap in power conversion systems. In order to move drive technologies forward reliably, we investigates progressive degradations and parameter shifts in power devices as well as develops online degradation monitoring tools. These tools lay foundations of self-monitoring, smart-energy conversion systems that can recognize failure precursors at the earliest stage and prevent catastrophic failures.

Dr. Akin received his PhD degree from Texas A&M University in 2007. Dr. Akin’s main research areas are: degradation monitoring, incipient fault diagnosis and control aspects of power electronic components and systems. In these areas, the Dr. Akin has co-authored and authored more than 120 papers in prestigious IEEE journals and conferences, 3 book chapters, and 3 patents. Before joining UT-Dallas, the Dr. Akin worked at Toshiba International Corporation and Texas Instruments (TI) for more than seven years where he focused on topics like fault diagnosis of energy conversion systems, digital power management, and industrial drive systems. Some of the associated key white papers and application notes are downloaded more than 10,000/year from the TI webpage. Dr. Akin received the NSF CAREER ’15 Award, the Jonsson School Faculty Research Award, and the Top Editors Recognition Award from IEEE TVT Society. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS and IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY.

Contact Info:
Donna Kuchinski, 972-883-5556
Questions? Email me.

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