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Spring 2018 Biological Sciences Seminar Series- Dr. Joomyeong Kim, LSU
Thursday, Mar. 8
3 p.m. - 4 p.m. Location: RL 3.204

"DNA methylation targeting on the imprinted tumor suppressor PEG3"

Abstract: PEG3 (Paternally Expressed Gene 3) is an imprinted gene encoding a DNA-binding transcriptional repressor.  The promoter region of PEG3 obtains DNA methylation during oogenesis, and this oocyte-specific DNA methylation is maintained throughout the lifetime of mammals, causing its paternal-specific expression in somatic cells.  In humans, the promoter of PEG3 is usually hypermethylated in the patients of ovarian and breast cancers, suggesting potential tumor suppressor roles for PEG3.  In the past several years, our group has investigated potential targeting mechanisms for DNA methylation during tumorigenesis and also oogenesis.  This seminar will present and discuss our recent results. 

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Kaitlyn Stacey, 972-883-7240
Questions? Email me.

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