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Emotional Intelligence Practicum: Part 2 - Manage Yourself
Thursday, Mar. 14
10 a.m. - noon Location: AD 3.108

Description: In the first practicum session of this series, our focus was on the importance of becoming more self-aware of our emotional states and how that impacts our behavior.  For this session, we take the next step and examine the importance of being able to manage ourselves in in the face of disruptive emotions and how to behave less impulsively.  Our learning goals for this session include:

  1. Being able to identify and describe effective emotional self-management when you see it in yourself or others
  2. Learn and review some basic competencies related to emotional self-management
  3. Identify key skills and practices for improving your self-management skills
  4. Lay the groundwork for creating a personal action plan for developing self-management skills.


To Register for this class please go to LEO (Learning & Education Organizer) by logging onto Galaxy clicking on LEO and clicking on "Find Available Training."

Contact Info:
Terry Cartwright, 972-883-5328
Questions? Email me.

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