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Blindfold Chess at McDermott Library
Wednesday, Feb. 27
noon - 2 p.m. Location: MC Lobby

Can you play chess well? How about blindfolded? As part of ChessFest 2019, UT Dallas students will have a chance to go against some of the best chess players in the world at this year's "Blindfold Chess" event. This year, Grandmasters Anton Kovalyov and Razvan  Preotu, both from Canada, will be playing games of giant chess in the Eugene McDermott Library lobby from noon to 2 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 27. During the games, the Grandmasters will either sit with their backs to the board or be blindfolded, making it impossible to see the position of the pieces or touch them. This event is free to the public and is sponsored by the UT Dallas Chess Program and the McDermott Library.

Contact Info:
James Stallings, 972-883-4899
Questions? Email me.

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