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"Ruby on Rails" workshop
Sat, Oct 5
10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

While these in-semester weekend workshops are primarily for UTD community, we will allow a limited # of school students to attend as well. School teachers are always welcome to attend.    This is an advanced workshop - you need to know Linux command line, OOP and some scripting knowledge to complete this one successfully.   This workshop introduces RoR, a framework for rapid development of advanced Web applications. RoR is based on Ruby, a pure Object-Oriented language that combines the power of Object-Oriented programming techniques and the agility of scripting languages that make Perl and Python popular. The workshop will start with an introduction fo the Ruby language so that the audience can learn about this exciting and popular OO scrpting languagge, and then will cover the fundamental concepts that form the foundation of RoR, e.g. MVC pattern, ActiveRecord, scaffolding, Convention over Configuration (add whatever RoR topics that you want to cover here), etc...   Here are the topics that we are going to cover: • Introduction to Ruby • Introduction to Rails powered Ruby. (RoR) • We would teach concepts on the go while developing a small demo app. • Brief Installation and configuration instructions • Installing and using gems. • Information about gemFile, Routs file, rake file, migrations. • Flow of HTTP requests/response and it’s processing through MVC of RoR. • Creating resources, dynamic pages, generating global application.html.erb files. • If time permits we would teach user input validations.  

Contact Info:
Jey Veerasamy , 972-883-4241
Questions? Email me.

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