Comet Calendar, The Official Event Calendar for UT Dallas en-us This week's events for Natural Sciences & Mathematics at UT Dallas Physics Colloquium: Compact Objects in Globular Clusters Wednesday, Feb 10
(4 p.m. - 5 p.m.)

Dr. Tom Maccarone (Texas Tech)

I will give a broad overview of the dynamics of star clusters, including a summary of some theory work that had long predicted that there would not be dense star clusters with black holes in them.  I will continue by showing observational evidence that black hole do exist in these star clusters, and will explain the discrepancy.  I will also address the implications of finding black holes in these clusters for braneworld cosmologies and for the production of gravitational wave sources.

Biological Sciences 2016 Spring Seminar Series Presents: Dr. Zhaolan "Joe" Zhou, "Epigenetic Control of Genome Function: Insight from Mouse Models of Rett Syndrome". Thursday, Feb 11
(4 p.m.)

DNA methylation is a classical epigenetic mark that plays a critical role in genome stability, maintenance and function. A family of methyl-CpG binding domain proteins (MBDs), including MBD1, MBD2, MBD4 and MeCP2, has been identified to bind to DNA in a methylation density-dependent manner and recruit chromatin modifiers to modulate gene transcription. The critical role of these MBDs in the etiology of autism spectrum disorders has been supported by human genetic studies, as mutations in MBD1 and MBD4 are linked to autism and mutations in MeCP2 are responsible for Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder with autistic features. How each individual MBD interprets DNA methylation and how mutations in MBDs selectively impair brain function remain poorly understood. This seminar will focus on mouse genetic studies of Rett syndrome and discuss a role for MeCP2 in regulating genome function.