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The University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Hugh J. McDermott:
2009 Callier Prize Recipient

Dr. Hugh J. McDermott was selected as the first recipient of the Callier Prize in Communication Disorders.

As a young child growing up in Australia, Dr. McDermott developed an appreciation for sound, hearing and music, due in part to his father being a professional musician.

He later developed another interest - electronics - and decided to pursue a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Prior to beginning his Ph.D. coursework, Dr. McDermott realized he could merge his two interests into a career devoted to audiological technology. In 1991, he started working with the University of Melbourne’s cochlear implant program.

Today, Dr. McDermott is a professor in the University of Melbourne’s Department of Otolaryngology and is recognized as a leading researcher and designer of cochlear implant systems and digital hearing aids.

He has published extensively in refereed journals, and he has received numerous patents in the United States and internationally that have improved the ability of cochlear implant users to understand speech.

Dr. McDermott’s selection as the first Callier Prize recipient was based on his research, which has often led to the development of new or improved sound processing schemes for cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Dr. Hugh J. McDermott









Dr. Thomas Campbell (left), executive director of the Callier Center, and Dr. Hugh J. McDermott, 2009 Callier Prize recipient.

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