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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Vision and Mission


To be the national leader for treatment, training and research in communication disorders.

Three-Part Mission: Treatment, Training and Research

To transform the lives of those with communication disorders by providing outstanding, leading-edge clinical services, conducting meaningful and innovative basic and applied research into new treatments and technologies, and training the next generation of caring clinical providers.


  • We provide more than 48,000 clinical services, including evaluation and treatment, to 4,000 children and adults annually.

  • We offer intervention services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

  • Our cochlear implant program treats children who are deaf.

  • We provide a variety of other hearing services for children and adults.

  • Speech and language therapy helps children with articulation and motor speech disorders, delayed language, feeding disorders and stuttering, and helps adults with cognitive-communication impairments and stuttering.





  • Internationally respected scientists conduct advanced research that forwards the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.

  • Many of the ongoing research projects are funded through the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.