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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Dissertation Research: Improving Early Language Intervention for Verb Learning

In early intervention, clinicians provide clinical populations with multiple examples of language targets. This focused stimulation strategy is effective for nouns, but significantly less so for verbs. Research with typical populations indicated two cues that might increase focused stimulation's effectiveness with verbs: (a) having children enact verbs (enactment) and (b) having similarly-shaped objects fill the same semantic/syntactic roles in verb argument structure across examples (structural alignment). Previous research was conducted in highly experimental contexts, so may not translate to clinical contexts that incorporate familiar social routines and objects. The goal of Amy Louise Schwarz's study is to test whether 30-month-olds who are typically developing use these cues in a context similar to the routine events typical of language intervention sessions that incorporate focused stimulation.

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Amy Louise Schwarz
Email: [email protected]
Research Cell: (512)-963-8598