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The Texas Connect materials are designed as a resource for families of infants and young children who are deaf or hard of hearing and as tools for early intervention service providers who work with families.

The Texas Connect materials are available as resource or for download in pdf format. Page numbers are provided to help you locate information more easily within the pdf documents.


Parent to Parent written by Parents 
This section is written by parents for parents. Parent to Parent shares the thoughts, hopes, dreams, feelings, and advice from parents who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

   A Parent's Story - page 2
 More Parents' Stories
     How and when was your child's hearing loss detected? - page 4
     How did you share the news of your child's diagnosis with family
       and friends? - page 6
     What were some of the first decisions you made concerning your
       child's hearing loss? - page 8
     Description of information you received from professionals and advise
       you would give other parents whose babies were recently diagnosed
       with a hearing loss. - page 10

Navigating the Texas Early Intervention System
This page is designed to provide a visual overview of Texas' comprehensive system of early intervention services for families of infants and toddlers with hearing loss.

Frequently Asked Questions
This section provides information in the areas of communication, hearing, and early intervention services. Written in question and answer format, the section provides answers to questions that families may ask as they begin to think about their child's future.

  What do I need to know now?
     Questions about communication - page 1
     Questions about hearing - page 2
     Questions about services - page 4
  Questions about future - page 6

Terms and Definitions
This section provides basic definitions for words and phrases parents encounter as they learn more about hearing and early intervention services.

  Terms related to Communication - page 1
  Terms related to Hearing - page 3
  Terms related to Service and Community - page 9

Topic Cards
There are 12 family education topic cards which provide additional information on topics of interest to families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The cards are also listed as references in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

The topics include:
1. Tests Used to Assess Hearing
2. Types and Causes of Hearing Loss
3. How a Hearing Aid Works
4. Tips for Infant Hearing Aid Use
5. The How and When of Cochlear Implants
6. Hearing, Communication and Early Development
7. Encouraging Early Communication
8. Options for Communication
9 . On Being Deaf - A Cultural View
10 . Early Intervention Services In Texas
11. Middle Ear Problems
12. Effect of Hearing Loss in One Ear

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Parent to Parent
written by Parents

Navigating the Texas Early
Intervention System

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Definitions



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