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School of Arts and Humanities

Our School is a reimagining of arts and humanities for a brave new world. The School of Arts and Humanities has taken areas of study as old as civilization and integrated them with UTD’s technology and science focus. In new ways, through new curricula, we provide the skill set required by a relentlessly changing global environment.

Can this convergence of tradition and technology succeed? The answer is a resounding “yes.” While many arts and humanities programs are in decline, UTD’s School of Arts and Humanities has doubled its enrollment in just seven years. The nation is watching as we reshape arts and humanities education as part of a greater whole.

Connecting priorities

Two programs in particular are enhancing UTD’s commitment to science and engineering through links with the arts and humanities: ATEC and EMAC. ATEC—Arts and Technology—encourages students to explore such fields as interactive game design, animation, sound design and virtual environments. ATEC is among the most popular majors at UTD and already has achieved an international reputation.

EMAC—Emerging Media and Communication—involves students in the creation, application and philosophic implications of digital media. The program speaks to the core of successful business innovation worldwide: the ability to communicate effectively the power and possibilities of creativity.

Invest in the future

To continue developing a new, more appropriate role for arts and humanities education, we must provide significant support for our programs that link arts with technology and humanities with science. We need to support our growing enrollment with scholarships and fellowships, and we must demonstrate our commitment to the new Arts and Technology Building, which promises to establish this program as one of the nation’s best. With your support, we can seize the opportunities that will shape our future.

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Learn how you can help the School of Arts and Humanities deliver on a bold vision. Download the School’s campaign brochure, visit the School’s website, or contact Development and Alumni Relations, at 972-883-2295.