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Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies

The Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies seeks to understand the past, so we can change the future. How did a highly cultured, modern industrial nation evolve into a state that made the murder of innocent men, women and children official government policy? This is the 80-year-old enduring conundrum of the Holocaust.

Through the Shoah, we explore the nature of prejudice, the danger of complacency and the power of sympathy, solidarity and compassion. By understanding, we can apply this horrific lesson of the past to the challenges of the future.

Studying the truth

The Ackerman Center gives students and scholars the opportunity to study, explore and analyze the Shoah and the society that produced both the murderers and the bystanders. We offer diverse, multifaceted courses through the School of Arts and Humanities, augmented through a renowned lecture series, significant library collection and insightful research.

As our international reputation grows, we seek graduate student fellowships, undergraduate scholarships, and travel and endowment funds so we can continue developing the researchers and educators who will draw insights from this dark period of human history. We propose a visiting professorship so students will benefit from the worldwide wealth of knowledge. We need funding for the Foundations of American Freedoms program so students can explore the Holocaust through the lens of the American Experience.

Invest in the future

The Ackerman Center stands ready to develop the tools, talents and resources required to continue bringing vitally important educational, intellectual and ethical insights to our students and the world. With your support, we can seize the opportunities that will shape our future.

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