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School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Today’s innovative curriculum and challenging laboratory studies at the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics provide the foundation for amazing technologies of tomorrow. Our brilliant students and world-class faculty are making fundamental discoveries leading to artificial muscles, invisibility cloaking devices, smart molecules that detect and treat cancers…and so much more.

We don’t imagine the future; we create it. Thanks to their rigorous studies and mind-bending research, our graduates are highly sought by academic institutions, government and the private sector.

The Path to Tier One

The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics is poised to become one of the top tier schools in the country. To take the next critical step, we need endowed chairs and professorships to attract and retain the brightest teachers and researchers—those who can build on the great legacy highlighted by our three faculty Nobel Laureates. Meanwhile, graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarship are key to recruiting the best students.

We need endowment support for our leading-edge centers and outreach programs, such as the Center for Lithospheric Studies and the NanoTech Institute. Finally, we must scale up and modernize our facilities to match the considerable talents and aspirations of those who will use them.

Invest in the future

The faculty and students of the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics have enormous potential for driving knowledge and innovation for generations to come. With your support, we can seize the opportunities that will shape our future.

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Learn how you can help the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics deliver on a bold vision. Download the School’s campaign brochure, visit the School’s website, or contact Barbara Hollis, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, at 972-883-6407 or