Hae Min Lee


Year in School:  Junior

Major:  Accounting


Externship Company/Organization Name: NETWORK

Dates/Times of Externship: Spring Break 2013


"We're at the food pantry at NETWORK, where we compile all of the different foods that companies, grocery stores, and also individual people have donated."

"…What we do is, we get orders filled out by people in the community that are in need, and we try to package all the meals to the best of our ability, and then we hand it over to the families. These are for emergency cases, sometimes a one-time thing, but most of the people come by once every two weeks."

"[One] of my favorite things about working here in the food pantry is interacting with some of the elderly volunteers here, and that’s sort of surprising to me - the fact that all of these retired people are here spending their time maybe three hours a week, several days a week, serving people in need. And, it's crazy how many people actually come in to tell them that 'we need help, we need food, we're in need.'"

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