Saamer Mansoor


Year in School:  Senior

Major:  Mechanical Engineering

Graduation Date:  May 2014


Externship Company/Organization Name: Crosstex

Dates/Times of Externship: Spring Break 2013


"We went to a gas compression facility and on the way, we got to talk to a chemical engineer named Mrs Presley. Mrs. Presley explained all about the oil and gas industry and how it works. I keep asking questions and she always answered my questions without any delay. I think she was really happy that I asked so many questions. I got to see P&ID, which is piping and instrumentation diagrams. And I got to see graphs that they work on, it was a lot of really cool stuff that they actually do. And she is the manager so she has many compression facilities and oil wells under her so I think mine was the coolest internship program. I really encourage all future students to go into the Explore the Wow program."

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