Chris McClure


Year in School:   Freshman

Major:  MIS

Graduation Date: May 2015


Externship Company/Organization Name:   National Kidney Foundation Serving Texas

Dates/Times of Externship:  Spring Break 2012


Participating in Explore the WOW! gave Chris McClure a sampling of what it may be like to work in an internship. “As a freshman, this provided an opportunity to get a head start on internships with less selective criteria and without the long-term commitment,” he says. The Career Center helped to make the connection between Chris and his sponsor site, the National Kidney Foundation. He recalls, “They made it easy to connect with an organization in a way that would have been all but impossible without them.”

Chris saw the value of getting first-hand experience in a professional setting. “Calling a national business on behalf of a national nonprofit organization was a strange feeling.  There is a sense of scale that you don’t get in your everyday university life when you speak for something that much larger than yourself,” he points out. “I never really got used to introducing myself as ‘Chris, with the National Kidney Foundation.’”

After this shadowing experience Chris hopes to participate in several internships.  This program paved the way, and being early in his academic career, Chris will be able to take full advantage of the internship experience.

This ambitious Software Engineering student advises future externs: “Keep your mind open to the possibilities and connections presented to you through the job-shadowing program.” Stephanie is a shining testament to this, as she made such a great impression on the employers that they asked her to join their team as an intern over the summer. Way to go!

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