Jonathan Pritchett

Year in School:   Senior

Major:  Global Business

Graduation Date: December 2012


Externship Company/Organization Name:   Mclane Food Services, Inc.

Dates/Times of Externship: Spring Break 2012


During his externship Jonathan Pritchett got detailed insight into business practices relating to his major. He recalls, “I have learned what is required of the department heads of this sort of company and what their daily processes are. I was able to learn the people’s backgrounds, how they arrived at their current positions and their best advice on what I should do.”

When asked what advice he would share with students regarding this program, he confidently urges them to “DO IT! I honestly cannot think of a reason someone should not job shadow… I am certain this will also be a highlight to your break!”

After the experience he took charge of his career plans. “I went to the UTD Career Fair and applied for a job in the same line of work for a different company and was able to secure that position. It helped me feel confident that I would be a good fit in this line of work … It is my ambition to move into a fully global position dealing with clients from other countries on a weekly basis.” Way to go, Jonathan!

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