Jeffrey Trinh


Year in School:  Sophomore

Major:  Finance and Economics

Graduation Date: May 2014


Externship Company/Organization Name:   State Farm Insurance

Dates/Times of Externship:  Spring Break 2012


The Explore the WOW! program gave Jeffrey Trinh an excellent insight into the business world, though he had not initially planned on participating. He remembers: “Eventually I came to reason that there was no downside to having an externship opportunity. The worst that could happen was finding out that you weren’t as interested in an industry as you thought you were. The upside had no limits.”

During this week Jeffrey got the chance to reach out to local businesses, network with elite professionals, and contribute ideas on marketing and operations. “The most valuable thing I learned from the externship was internal. I was forced to be put in a position where I was not as comfortable as I am used to being and that truly initiated an instantaneous change in my perspectives.”

Advice for future externs? “Ask if you have questions,” Jeffrey recommends. “The externship sponsors took part in this program to be able to help the student … Don’t let anything hold you back.”

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