Ethan Whittemore

Year in School:   Junior

Major:  Computer Science

Graduation Date: December 2013


Externship Company/Organization Name:   OmniCure Home Health

Dates/Times of Externship:  Spring Break 2012


Ethan Whittemore is an Explore the WOW! pro; this was his second year in the program! This year he took part in a job shadowing experience with OmniCure Home Health. The experience aided this Computer Science major in honing in on the area in which he wants to focus within his field.

Through job shadowing, students get to see what the reality of a workplace is like. Ethan notes that externships “will help you foster business connections and help you understand what you need to work in the field.” He particularly appreciated the chance to “see what skills are used and necessary to work in a company, outside of what you learn in college.”

What’s next for Ethan? He plans to continue on for a Master’s in Computer Science and then work in industry. His externship experiences have helped him lay a foundation for his future academic and professional endeavors.

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