Carrie Lackey

Bachelor of Arts in
Emerging Media and Communication
Graduation Date:  Dec. 2013

CBS Radio ("The Indie-Verse")
Summer 2012


"Sitting at home all summer would have driven me nuts. So when a professor approached me with the offer of this internship, I jumped on it."

As an EMAC major, a summer internship at CBS Radio was a perfect fit for Carrie Lackey. She got to work at the radio headquarters and focused mainly on an emerging station called “The Indie-Verse”.  She shared music news and info on festivals, connected with others in the indie music scene, and managed social media. She even got to produce her very own radio show and then perform it on the air!

This extensive internship helped her to surpass her insecurities about not having a lot of prior experience working in and writing about the music industry. Carrie notes that the internship “opened [her] eyes to the infinite possibilities the EMAC degree presents”. She plans to seek out additional internships, perhaps with other radio stations, and also continue on for her Master’s degree. She recalls that the Career Center helped to keep her accountable for herself as an individual and as a reflection of UT Dallas as a whole.

So what does this successful intern advise other students to do? “Apply for any and everything you’re interested in. The worst you’ll hear is ‘no’.”

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