Researching Employers

Since employers have indicated that the biggest interview "no-no" is a lack of knowledge about the company, one of your most important tasks in your job search and your overall career development is to learn as much as possible about industry information and the organizations within those industries.

Going to an interview with knowledge of the company will not only convey your sincere interest to the employer but will also help you to gather the information you need for your own decision-making process.

Some of the details you might want to research include:

  • History of the organization
  • Organizational culture
  • Products and services
  • Earnings and market share
  • Competitors
  • Late-breaking news

Best Careers for 2013*
According to U.S. News, the following jobs
"offer a big bang for your buck":
    Biomedical Engineer
    Computer Software Engineer
    Court Reporter
    Dental Hygienist
    Financial Analyst
    Gaming Manager
    Physician Assistant
    Sales Manager

*Information reproduced from "10 Jobs That Offer a Big Bang for Your Buck" article on (U.S. News & World Report).