Academic Credit or Transcript Notation

You have the option to pursue academic credit for an internship. Career Consultants can help you determine the process for getting academic credit through your major or department. If you are not eligible for credit or are not interested in this option, getting a transcript notation is another way to have an internship officially recognized by the university.

Please note:

International students on an F-1 visa are required to be enrolled for internship credit to gain approval for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Please see the International Students section of this website for more information.

Academic Credit

If interested in obtaining academic credit for an internship you must pursue this option in advance of beginning the internship. You cannot earn retroactive credit for internships. Both the internship work and the internship course enrollment must be in the same semester. Internships may be taken for upper-level or general elective credit depending on your degree program requirements. When you attend an Internship or CPT Information Session, you will be given information on the requirements and the process for getting internship credit approved through your major or school.

Be sure to read your course syllabus for details on assignments.

Transcript Notation

If you are not eligible or not interested in obtaining academic credit for an internship you may opt instead for a transcript notation. A transcript notation is an official note on the UT Dallas transcript that shows an internship was completed. Getting a transcript notation is a simple process with many valuable outcomes. These include:

  • Receive official university recognition for your internship.
  • Employers, graduate, and professional schools will know that your completed internship was supported by the university.
  • The university can advocate for you if there are any problems at the internship site.

If interested in having a transcript notation for an internship experience you must complete all steps as described in Eligibility and Process, a short reflection paper, and internship evaluations at the end of the semester. The Career Consultant will have you complete a brief form to request the notation.