On-Campus Interviews

The UT Dallas Career Center facility includes private interview rooms that can be utilized at various times throughout the year. We would be pleased to host you for On-Campus Interviews!

On-Campus Recruiting

To recruit on campus, simply follow these steps:

  1. Set a date - Typically on-campus recruitment occurs September through December and January through May. However, employers are invited to recruit throughout the year at UT Dallas. To reserve an on campus interview date, contact the Career Center at least four weeks before your desired date to allow plenty of time to complete all steps of the process.

  2. Provide a Job Description - After the date has been reserved, you will work through Handshake, the Career Center’s online recruiting database, to complete a schedule request form. On this form, employers will provide a detailed job description and screening criteria. To access Handshake, Click Here.

  3. Choose an Interview Option - there are four options for selecting your candidates:
    · Pre-Select Schedule - Students who meet the job requirements can submit an interview request by submitting a resume. Employers review interview requests and make decisions on all interview candidates. Accepted candidates must wait to sign up for an interview once the sign-up date is reached. *This is the most common and popular option.
    · Open Schedule - Any student who meets the job requirements can sign up for an interview timeslot. The employer does not decide who they want to interview.
    · Resume Collection - This type of schedule does not have an interview date. It is only used to collect resumes for employers. If enough resumes are collected, the employer might decide to go ahead and come on campus to conduct interviews.
    · Rooms Only - The employer will be making their own interview schedule (for example, from a career expo). This is to simply reserve interview room space. Resume submissions via Handshake are not needed.

The Career Center handles the rest! If desired, send us your recruiting literature, employment applications and other materials at least one week before your interview date.

The Career Center is committed to making the interview process as easy as possible for every organization that recruits at UT Dallas. To get more information or to schedule an interview date, contact the Employer Relations Coordinator at 972-883-6934 or [email protected].

Interviewing Policies

Only UT Dallas students and alumni who are registered with the UT Dallas Career Center through the Handshake system are permitted to participate in the on-campus interviewing program. Since students must have an account with Handshake to view your on-campus schedule, encourage all UT Dallas students you wish to interview to register for an account.