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The following select students participated in the UT Dallas Career Center Externship Program in Spring 2010. Please read on to get information about their experiences and to help decide if an externship is right for you.

To get involved in the externship program, review the information available on this web site.

Josin Kalathil

Major:  Biochemistry
Externship Company/Organization Name:
Orametrix, Inc.
“Talking to the different doctors and hearing their opinions and advice [was the most memorable moment of the externship].”


Archie Nettles

Major:  Public Affairs
Externship Company/Organization Name:
Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce
“My most memorable moment was meeting the President of the Chamber and also having the opportunity to attend a luncheon with the Federal Reserve Chairman, Benjamin Bernanke.”


 Sergio Pena

Major:  Accounting
Externship Company/Organization Name:
Keller Williams Realty
“My advice [to future externs] would be to have a hunger for learning as much as possible from everyone and everything at the Sponsor's site.”