Get Resumes

We encourage all employers to post open positions in Handshake. See below for two additional services for obtaining candidate resumes.

Resume Books

Resumes of registered UT Dallas students and alumni are available through Handshake. Employers that have full access to Handshake will also have access to Resume Books. With Resume Books you may create a search and receive a resume packet.

The search returns basic profile information, then you can select Create Packets which returns a PDF file with a list of potential candidates and their resumes. (Third-party recruiters have restricted access to Handshake and do not have Resume Books access).

Direct Referral

The Career Center can also provide a resume packet through a direct referral. You need to provide specific search criteria in your request to the Recruiting Coordinator.

The request will be processed and returned via email. The resulting PDF file with a list of potential candidates and their resumes can then be opened by the employer.

The employer must have an established Handshake account. Third-party recruiters are limited to no more than three (3) requests in a week's time.