Hiring an International Student
(for an internship)

International students on an F-1 visa are eligible to work off-campus in an internship position under Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Students are eligible for CPT once they have completed 2 long (fall and spring) consecutive semesters in a United States university and they have met any UT Dallas policies for CPT authorization.

CPT can be authorized for one semester at a time and typically for a maximum of three total semesters. All international students participating in an internship must be enrolled in an internship course for academic credit.

As with hiring any other interns, employers are not required to hire international students at the end of the internship and are not required to offer sponsorship for the H-1B. International students, like all other students, are looking for practical work experience in their field of study and can be a great candidate pool for many employers.

Offer Letter

Employers making an internship offer to an international student must prepare an offer letter on the company's original letterhead. The letter must include the following:

  • A statement that the position is an internship or CPT
  • The beginning and ending dates of the position (to coincide with the academic semester)*
  • The physical location (full address) where the student will be working
  • Supervisor's name and title
  • Exact number of hours to be worked each week
  • Wages/hour
  • Organization's EIN (necessary for students who must apply for an SSN)
  • Internship/job description
Students are given a hard copy of the offer letter with the available dates for the current semester. A copy of this letter, with dates for the current semester, is also available through CometCareers, in the Resource Library section.

It is recommended that employers who need assistance or have questions regarding the offer letter contact the Career Center.

Once the student receives the offer letter, it can take the university several days to complete the CPT processing. The student brings the completed offer letter to his or her Internship Coordinator who approves the student to register in the appropriate internship course.

The Internship Coordinator then issues the student an approval letter and submits it to the International Student Services Office for final approval and issuance of the CPT I–20. The student is not permitted to begin work or training at the internship until he or she has picked up the new CPT I–20, which serves as the work authorization.

Other Hiring Information

  • No sponsorship is required to hire an international student in an internship.
  • International interns may NOT work as independent contractors on 1099.
  • Employers are not required to pay Social Security or Medicare taxes. Employers are also NOT required to pay Unemployment Compensation taxes for any intern.
  • Workers Compensation taxes must be paid and Federal income taxes must be withheld.