Hire an Intern

On a year-round basis, UT Dallas students are looking for work experience that is related to their majors. Hiring interns is a way for employers to build their brand on campus and to recruit and retain top talent for full-time positions after graduation.


Learn about the UT Dallas Internship Program and student eligibility.

Why Hire Interns?

Find information regarding possible reasons for hiring interns, which may also be useful as rationale for starting an internship program at your organization.

Quality Internship Assignments

To get involved in the internship program, there are certain criteria that we look for in a potential internship position. Also available is a manual for organizations who need help starting or maintaining an internship program.

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

The information provided here may help you to decide what would be best for your organization given the structure of your internship program.

Internship Policies

Find out more about what is allowed and not allowed when you are calling your position an internship.

Hiring an International Student (for an internship)

Read about student eligibility and the process, including a sample offer letter.

Post an Internship

Determine your next steps and fill out an Internship Listing Form online.