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If you are an International Student on an F-1 visa, you must attend a CPT Information Session in person. It is not necessary to complete this online session.

Online Internship Information Session


Thank you for visiting our Online Internship Information Session! Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you have a working printer before starting the seminar
  2. Make sure you have up to 45 minutes to complete the seminar
  3. Read through all of the following information
  4. Answer all quiz questions correctly at the end of the seminar
  5. Fill out your name and major correctly
  6. Download, complete and submit the Student Agreement Form from the link provided at the end
  7. Your Career Consultant will send an email to your student email address to confirm internship eligibility in 2-3 business days

Attention International Students!

You are REQUIRED to attend a CPT Information Session in person

  • CPT-related information is NOT found in this online seminar
  • View the Career Center Seminar Schedule on our website to find the next CPT Information Session
  • You will NOT be able to move forward with the CPT process until you've attended a CPT Session

Attention ALL ECS students

You are REQUIRED to attend a CPT Information Session in person

  • Please DO NOT complete this online seminar
  • Contact the Industrial Practice Programs (IPP) Office in ECS South 2.506

Seminar Option

This online session takes the place of attending a in-person Internship Information Session. However, we do encourage students to attend an in-person seminar so you can benefit from interacting with a Career Consultant and other students.

If you would prefer to attend in person, view the Career Center Seminar Schedule on our website for the next Internship Information Session.

Seminar Objectives

  • Define and explain the importance of internships
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Process for registering with internship program
  • Importance of resume and interview preparation
  • Searching for an internship
  • Academic credit or transcript notation options
  • Meet your Career Consultant
  • Questions?

Definition of an Internship

An opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom to practical work experience

The primary focus of any internship is EDUCATIONAL in nature.

Why are internships important?


  • Prepare for life after graduation
  • Improve your human relations skills
  • Boost your maturity and self-confidence
  • Enjoy greater clarity about future career decisions


  • May help cover college expenses

Why are internships important?


  • Explore a potential career field
  • Develop career-related skills and abilities (e.g. effective job searching, resume writing and interviewing)
  • Establish a work history
  • Observe professional people and behavior
  • Build a network of professional contacts
  • Gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school applications

A Quality Internship

  • Located in a commercial office space
  • Related to your major and level in school
  • Incorporates an "intentional learning" agenda
  • Offers meaningful opportunities to build/improve your skills
  • Provides ongoing supervision and guidance with regular performance feedback in person
  • Requires only a "reasonable" amount of "grunt work" or repetitive tasks similar to a professional in that field

Related to your Current Major

The internship job description will establish if this experience is related to your current major

The job description should:

  • Establish the education and skills you need to perform your duties
  • Establish what type of tasks/projects you will work on
  • Utilize and enhance your classroom knowledge

A Quality Intern

  • Set goals and objectives in collaboration with your supervisor
  • Be professional
  • Show initiative
  • Complete ALL tasks with enthusiasm and a positive attitude
  • Ask questions
  • Network and get involved with the company

Internship Eligibility

  • Currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program with a declared major
  • Have completed at least one semester at UT Dallas
    • Undergrads - must have at least 24 hours completed
    • Grads - must have at least 6 hours completed
  • Good academic standing
    • Undergrads - must have at least 2.0 overall GPA
    • Grads - must have at least 3.0 overall GPA

NOTE: This information can also be found on the Career Center website.

Internship Eligibility (continued)

Please note:

  • You will need to meet any additional requirements or conditions required by your academic department or school
    • These requirements can be found on the handouts of your department located in the Resource Library of your CometCareers account
  • Graduate students are not eligible for an internship in the same semester they are working as a Teaching Assistant or a Research Assistant
  • Completing the internship seminar and meeting the eligibility requirements do not guarantee placement
    • Employers make the final hiring decisions

Employers Value Interns

  • Source of highly motivated, well-prepared and short-term employees
  • Fresh approach to an existing problem
  • Labor and skills available to complete special projects
  • Increased name recognition of the employer at UT Dallas
  • Facilitate partnerships between the employer and UT Dallas
  • Cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential long-term employees



  • Learn about industry-specific companies of interest, types of jobs available and requirements


  • It must be PROOFED and CRITIQUED! This is your first impression to the employer
  • Attend a resume seminar and visit your Career Consultant

Interviewing Skills

  • Know how to sell yourself in an interview
  • Attend an interview seminar and participate in a MOCK INTERVIEW

Searching for Internships

  • CometCareers
    • Opportunities tab - internships/co-op jobs
    • On-Campus Interviews tab - active schedules
  • Networking
    • Friends, family, faculty, etc.
  • Career Expos and Forums
  • Internet Research
  • Informational Interviews

Internship Process

  1. Internship seminar completed and Student Agreement form submitted
  2. Begin searching for internships
  3. Complete Report an Internship section in CometCareers
    • You must have an official job description before reporting the internship
  4. Your Career Consultant will email you regarding your next step

Reporting your Internship

  1. Log in to your CometCareers account
  2. Click on the link "Report an Internship"
  3. Select the semester on the form
  4. Complete all field correctly on the form
  5. Upload a PDF version of your CPT offer letter at the bottom of the form
  6. Save the report for review and approval

Internship Approval

An email from your Career Consultant will notify you...

if the internship is approved:

  • Make an appointment to meet with your Career Consultant
  • During your appointment
    • Internship course registration (if not already registered)
    • Release and Indemnnification form

if the internship is NOT approved:

  • Correct the issue
  • Follow up with your Career Consultant
  • Once internship is approved, follow the steps for an approved internship
    • If internship is still not approved, continue to resolve the situation

Internship Recognition

You have a couple of options for obtaining official university recognition for your internship:

  • Academic credit
  • Transcript notation
  • Neither - just report your internship in CometCareers

Internship Recognition

Academic Credit Involves:

  • Registering in the internship course
    • Must meet course registration deadlines
    • Most courses have both full-semester and 2nd 8-week options
    • This option may vary from major to major
    • May be able to substitute an upper-level or general elective credit
  • Paying tuition and fees related to the course
  • Completing course assignments
  • Attending occasional class meetings
  • Submitting end-of-semester internship online evaluation
    • You are responsible for reading your internship course syllabus to find all the information

Internship Recognition

Download and review the internship course handout for academic credit by school provided at the end of the seminar or the resource library of your CometCareers account

  • A&H
  • ATEC and EMAC
  • BBS
  • EPPS
  • IS
  • JSOM
  • NSM

Internship Recognition

Transcript Notation

  • An official note on your transcript that shows you completed an internship and that UT Dallas approved and recognized it
  • Alternative to academic credit
  • Requires you to meet the general internship eligibility criteria
  • No cost to you
  • Report your internship by the regular course registration deadline (check the academic calendar)
  • Submit a 3-page reflection paper to your Career Consultant
  • Submit end-of-semester internship online evaluation

  • Report your internship in CometCareers

Concerns at the Internship Site

Types of concerns

  • Lack of training
  • Lack of supervision
  • Duties do not match the job description provided
  • Work hours do not match the job description provided
  • Unethical behaviors
  • Sexual harrassment

How to Handle Concerns

Possible solutions

  • Discuss with your immediate supervisor or an appropriate person in the organization regarding these issues
  • If you are unsure about discussing your concerns with your supervisor or another person in the company, contact your Career Consultant right away

Internships in Dublin and Buenos Aires

The Career Center offers a customized internship program for two destinations in partnership with Connect123 open to ALL students

  • Check our website for information
  • Attend information session between October - January
  • Submit application before the Priority Deadline
  • Visit Education Abroad office for other opportunities

Meet your Career Consultant

Career Center, SSB 3.300

A&H, ATEC, and JSOM Accounting - Kelley Henderson

BBS & IS - Janie Shipman

EPPS - Kortney House

JSOM Non-Accounting (Last Names: A-L) - Jessica Elder

JSOM Non-Accounting (Last Names: M-Z) - Whitney Wells

NSM - Renee Patchin (interim)

Associate Director - Mohammed Rahman


Please make note of any questions you have and share these with
your Career Consultant once they've contacted you.


If you do not answer all of the questions correctly, you will be given an option at the end of the quiz to "Return to Seminar" to try again.

Good Luck!

Enter Quiz

Question 1. What is the PRIMARY focus of an internship?
Question 2. You can participate in an internship your very first semester at UT Dallas.
Question 3. How do you notify your Career Consultant that you’ve accepted an internship?
Question 4. CometCareers is the only way to find an internship.
Question 5. In what way should you prepare to start your internship search?

Question 6. How can you be a great intern?

Question 7. Eligibility to complete an internship for academic credit is the same for all majors at UT Dallas.

Online Internship Information Session Quiz v.2.0

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