Recruiting Policies

The UT Dallas Career Center encourages employers to interact with our students to inform and interest them in career and internship opportunities.

General Guidelines and NACE Principles

The Career Center offers assistance to employers in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Service Professionals outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The Career Center also expects employers to act in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Employers. In addition, employers must meet these qualifications to participate:

  • Must clearly indicate the employing organization name
  • Must not solicit or sell their products or services during the course of recruiting (The Career Center follows a strict no-solicitation policy. Campus ambassador roles are considered solicitation and are not allowed.).
  • Must fully disclose the structure of their compensation packages and business costs incurred through their first year of employment.
  • Must not overstate possible compensation.
  • Must offer employment and not a business opportunity or venture.


The UT Dallas Career Center expects that you will be upfront about compensation and training when recruiting our students/alumni. We reserve the right to modify your job postings, expo registration information, etc. to include these details.

Exploding Offers

The exploding offer (revoking an offer if the candidate does not respond in 24 or 48 hours), puts undue pressure on and interferes with the student’s ability to make employment decisions in an objective manner. This is unethical according to NACE Principles, and the Career Center does not support this practice. The NACE Principles state, "Employment professionals will refrain from any practice that improperly influences and affects job acceptances. Such practices may include undue time pressure for acceptances of employment offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer."

H1B Sponsorship

Organizations purporting guaranteed sponsorship of a candidate for an H1B Specialty Visa must demonstrate compliance of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations and the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Full disclosure of any employer/employee contracts must be presented prior to interviewing potential candidates. The ability to recruit through the UT Dallas Career Center may be revoked if found to be in violation of compliance.

Use of Facilities

Final approval to use facilities and services of the Career Center is determined by the Director of the Career Center and may be revoked if these policies or the NACE principles are violated. The permission to use facilities and services does not imply University approval or endorsement of the policies, practices, or products/services of the recruiting employer.

On-Campus Recruiting/Participation Policies

Direct hire organizations who follow the Principles of Professional Conduct outlined by NACE may participate in the on-campus recruiting program and career events at UT Dallas.

Only equal employment opportunity employers may use UT Dallas Career Center facilities. All positions listed will be available to all qualified students or alumni, and resume referrals will be made in compliance with federal and state laws and policies governing employment referrals, and in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

In addition to the NACE Principles, the UT Dallas Career Center has established the following guidelines:

  1. Third-party agencies may participate only as outlined under the Third-Party/Contract Recruiter Policy. In order to maintain a balance of representation of career opportunities for our UT Dallas students, the Career Center also reserves the right to limit or deny participation in career events and the on-campus recruiting program.
  2. Employers participating in the on-campus interview program must have paid positions.
  3. Recruiters representing organizations with a pyramid structure, charge "sign-on" fees, or require the purchase of a "starter kit" are not permitted to participate in the on-campus recruiting program or career events.
  4. Straight commission employers will not be permitted to participate in the on-campus recruiting program or career events.
  5. The Career Center does not have the facilities to conduct employment testing.

However, job opportunities may be posted to the Handshake system for students to view. Full disclosure of the organization's structure or requirements must be clearly stated in the opportunity's description. All employment opportunities listed are subject to the review and approval of the UT Dallas Career Center.


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