School-Based Centers and Institutes

School of Arts and Humanities
Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies
Asia Center
Center for Translation Studies
Center for Values in Medicine, Science and Technology
Center for U.S.-Latin America Initiatives
Confucius Center
Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History
School of Arts, Technology, And Emerging Communication
Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History
Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Center for Advanced Pain Studies
Callier Center for Communication Disorders
Center for BrainHealth
Center for Children and Families
Center for Vital Longevity
School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences
Center for Global Collective Action
Center for the Study of Texas Politics
Institute for Urban Policy Research
Negotiations Center
Texas Schools Project
Education Research Center
Eric Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
Center for Control Science and Technology
Center for Computer Science Education and Outreach
Center for Robust Speech Systems
Center for Software Testing
Center for Systems Biology
Communication Technology Center
Cyber Security Research and Education Institute
Dallas Institute for Interactive and Spatial Computing
Human Language Technology Research Institute
Institute for Data Analytics
Institute for Intelligent Energy Systems
iPerform: Center for Assistive Technology
Net-Centric Software and Systems Center
Silicon Wafer Engineering and Defect Science Center
Texas Analog Center of Excellence
Texas Biomedical Device Center
Wind-Energy Science, Technology, and Research Industry/University Cooperative Research Center
School of Interdisciplinary Studies
Teacher Development Center
Naveen Jindal School of Management
Center and Laboratory for Behavioral Operations and Economics
Center for Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation
Center for Finance Strategy Innovation
Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management
Center for Information Technology and Management
Center for Intelligent Supply Networks
Center for Internal Auditing Excellence
International Accounting Development: Oil and Gas
International Center for Decision and Risk Analysis
Leadership Center
Morris Hite Center
Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Advanced Imaging Research Center
Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute
Center for Lithospheric Studies
Center for Systems Biology
William B. Hanson Center for Space Studies

University-Wide Centers and Institutes

Science and Engineering Education Center

Research News

Who Is a Terrorist? Perceptions of Identity, Ethnicity Come into Focus

Crosswalk full of pedestrians. Using a fictional scenario, a study by Dr. Vito D’Orazio found that an Arab-American suspect is more likely to be labeled as a terrorist than a white would-be attacker. read more

Where Does Chronic Pain Begin? Scientists Close in on Its Origins

A new study by University researchers examined specialized nerve cells near the spine and revealed several new targets for treatment. read more

Researchers Discover the Key to Safer Batteries Lies on the Surface

Dr. Kyeongjae “K.J.” Cho and his colleagues offer new hope for creating a model high-capacity battery after finding the source of heat buildup. read more

University Team Shares New Domestic Violence Data with Task Force

judge The Institute for Urban Policy Research analyzed data for the city for the fourth year in a row, detailing the number of incidents reported to police, lack of shelter space and the outcome of cases as part of a 57-page report. read more

Health Information Exchanges May Remedy Long Emergency Stays

Hospitals that adopt health information exchanges can cut the amount of time patients stay in emergency departments, according to a study by Dr. Mehmet Ayvaci. read more

Research Office Uses New Approach for Increasing External Funding

Pancrazio and a fellow research looking at a computer display in a reasearch lab. Seed grant initiatives, a networking trip to Washington, D.C., and public outreach efforts are all designed to help faculty members boost their success rate for attracting research dollars. read more

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