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Dallas / Fort Worth Section 

It's election time again for the DFW Local Section of the American Chemical Society.
Several positions are open, all interested candidates are welcome.
Please consider volunteering.

  • Chair
  • Councilor
  • Alt-councilor
  • Treasurer
Please contact Mary Anderson with any questions: [email protected]

New: Next Meeting
8 pm Nov. 17, North TX Univ.
SW Retort APR-MAY 2008
(Acrobat, 1.3 Mb, Press Layout)

63rd SW Regional ACS Mtg.
4-7 November 2007, Lubbock, TX

Solid State Fellowship Nominations

ACS Womens' Committee Nominations (Acrobat, 150 Kb)

ACS Local Award Nomination Forms:
Doherty Award       Schultz Award
These PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  DFW Local Section


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Doherty Award

For 2008 goes to Dr. Ken Balkus of UTD

Werner Schulz Award

For 2008 goes to Jennifer Bernabo of Plano East Senior High

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Last Updated 28 September 2008.

If you need more information or would like to submit information, E-mail the local section or our national Webmaster.

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