8 pm, Univ. of N. Texas

Monday, November 17, 2008 Dr. John J. Fortman

Dr. John J. Fortman

ACS Tour Speaker
from Wright State University

"Humorous Chemistry on Popular Shows"

6 pm Social Hour; 7 pm Dinner; 8 pm Award Presentation and Lecture

About the Speaker. John Fortman is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Wright State University. He received the 2007 Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach. In 1998 he was appointed Robert J. Kegerreis Distinguished Professor of Teaching, and he won seven different teaching awards over his 36 years at Wright State. In 1998 he also received the CMA Catalyst Award for Outstanding Teaching of College Chemistry.

About the Talk: Video clips will be shown from TV shows, both old and new, as well as from talk/variety shows. Live demos which add to the fun on the clips will be done.

Locations: Parallel Dinners and Social Hours are being held to encourage student participation and attendance. Regular Social Hour and Dinner are in the Golden Eagle Suite of the University Union. Dinner is Chicken Marsala with Mushroom Sauce, Herb Roasted Potatoes, Various Desserts and costs $20. Student dinner and activities will be held in the first floor lounge of the UNT Chemistry Building. Dinner is pizza and pop for $3. The Lecture is in Room 106, Chemistry Building. There will be a special prize for the university or high school that brings the most students to the talk (UNT does not qualify).

Reservations: (Stipulate Student or Regular) Make reservations by Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 5 p.m. to Vicki Nieman at [email protected] or by telephone to 940-565-3525. Members are financially responsible for reservations made but not used! It is not necessary to attend the dinner to attend the lecture.

How to Get There: Take Interstate 35 E to Exit # 466B for North Texas Blvd. To get to the Student Union Bldg., from North Texas Blvd. turn right on Eagle St. Turn left on Welch St. Turn left at Union Circle. There is pay parking immediately across from the Student Union Bldg. All other parking is by UNT permit only.

To get to the UNT Chemistry Building from North Texas Blvd., turn right on Eagle St. Turn left on Ave. C. At Hickory St., turn right. Parking for the Chemistry Bldg. will be in the first lot to the right (Lot #10), right next to the Chemistry Building.

For those who wish to park by the Chemistry Building and walk to the Student Union, the walk takes about five minutes.

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