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Green Fellowship Opportunity

Semester-long research training experience at UT Southwestern for UTD Students

In it's third year, the Green Fellows program, offered jointly by UT Southwestern Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and The University of Texas at Dallas, is a paid ($3,500 stipend), semester-long intensive research training experience under the direction of the graduate school faculty at UT Southwestern. Many students complete an undergraduate degree without the opportunity to experience basic research. The Green Fellows program is a great opportunity for UT Dallas students to learn firsthand about the postgraduate environment, getting experience in modern research techniques.

The Green Fellows students receive a stipend and take no classes so that they can devote all of their time to their research projects. "We don't want them distracted for an entire semester, " said Dr. A. Dean Sherry, co director of the Green Fellows program, and director of the Advanced Imaging Research Center.

Research areas include Biological Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biomedical Engineering. The list of students chosen to be the next Green Fellows will be announced by Oct. 31 for research during the Spring 2009 semester.

Liz Gunter one of this year's Green Fellows, has this to say about the program:

"I loved science and knew I wanted to be an actual scientist rather than a person that just wrote about it! I had participated in a research project with my organic chemistry professor and was intrigued with the opportunity offered by the Green Fellowship Program.

1. How do I benefit from the fellowship?

Since beginning my full-time research at UT Southwestern, I have been immersed in the fields of immunology and neuropathology. When I am not directly involved with an experiment, I am attending lectures given by MD/PhDs, discussing research projects conducted by my lab mates, and reviewing research questions posed by research scientists worldwide. I am learning novel research protocols and working with some truly brilliant scientists. And it's fun!

2. What do I find exciting about the program?

Research is the perfect career for people who like to ask "why"? You read or hear something that raises a question in your mind and then you brainstorm on the best way to answer your question. It is creative, dynamic and exciting.

3. Would you recommend the program to others?


To Apply:

Visit Completed applications and all supplemental materials as outlined must be received by October 10, 2008.

For Additional Information:

Deb McGill
Administrative Assistant
Green Fellows Program
Phone: 972-883-2904

  • Updated: September 26, 2008