Department of Chemistry

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


June 2014

UT Dallas Chemistry Alumns Earn Accolades

April 2013

Professor Julia Chan will join Department of Chemistry in August 2013

Jeremiah J. Gassensmith will join as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in August of 2013

March 2013

Zhou Earns Travel Award to Present Research at Spring ACS Meeting

Researchers Hope to Reap Benefits of Energy Harvesting

January 2013

Researchers Hope to Reap Benefits of Energy Harvesting

November 2012

Wax-Filled Nanotech Yarn Behaves Like Super-Strong Muscle

October 2012

School of Natural Sciences and Math Celebratesits Roots in Research Center a Half Century Ago

Investiture Ceremonies to Recognize FacultyHolding Endowed Chairs and Professorships

August 2012

Clark Research Program Spans University’s History

July 2012

Profs Mentor Undergrad Researchers from Mexico

U.S. Education Department Honors Inspirational Prof

May 2012

NSM Awards Honor Chemistry Lecturer, 2 Teaching Assistants

Nanotech on Tap at Dallas-Area Research Conference

March 2012

Nanoparticle Study Attracts State Cancer Research Funds

February 2012

Surgeon Started Career Journey in UT Dallas Class 3 Decades Ago

January 2012

Largest Ever Cohort Named to Fall Dean’s List

December 2011

NanoExplorers Program for High-Schoolers Lauded with Award

November 2011

Carbon Nanotube Muscles Generate Giant Twist for Novel Motors

October 2011

Vanishing Act Creates a Stir in the Nanotech World

Students Join UT Southwestern Researchers in Lab

September 2011

Award-Winning Chemist to Lead Sciences School

Prof Chosen as Fellow of American Chemical Society

August 2011

UT Dallas Joins Plan to Expedite Medical Education

July 2011

Doctoral Student Has a Winning Research Formula

NanoTech Director Makes List of Top Researchers

June 2011

Program Hosts Undergrad Researchers From Mexico

Chemistry Prof Is Honored for Stirring Young Minds

Magnetic Imaging Researcher’s Work Recognized

April 2011

Undergrad’s Award Funds Nanotech Discovery

January 2011

UT Dallas Researchers Spin Nanotech Breakthrough

$460,000 to Help Establish Tech Curriculum Center

Nanotech Discoveries Land Starring Role on PBS Show

October 2010

Center is a New Space to Explore the Sciences

Founders Project: An Old Friend Gets a New Look

Chemical Society Honors UT Dallas Polymer Expert

June 2010

Undergrad Research Program Expands in Size, Scope

Nanotech Speakers Hold Promise for Sonar Uses

Admired Chemistry Prof Wins President’s Award

May 2010

NanoExplorer Wins Top Prize in Intel Science Fair

2,165 Celebrate Graduation in Weekend Ceremonies

NanoTech Director Honored by Chinese Scholars

Tongue Sensor Research Wins Undergraduate Award

Innovation on Display at UT Dallas Inventor Luncheon

March 2010

UT Dallas Team Creates Sounds from Nanoscience

Team Finds Way to Clean Up Coal, Harvest Hydrogen

February 2010

NSF Recognizes Researcher on the Rise

Nanotube Thermocells Hold Promise as Energy Source

American Chemical Society Lauds Student Group

Award Lauds Nanoparticle Toxicity Research

January 2010

Prof Lands Grant from Texas Cancer Initiative

Polymer Expert to Fill Prestigious Chemistry Post

Fellowship Honors NanoTech Institute Co-Founder

Physicist Group Recognizes Research Scientist

May 2009

Chemistry Students win 2nd place and two honorable mentions at the 42nd annual American Chemical Society “Meeting-in-Miniature"

April 2009

Meet the 2009 UT Dallas/ UT Southwestern Green Fellows at the Annual Poster Sessions

March 2009

Carbon Nanotube Artificial Muscles for Extreme Temperatures Invented at UT Dallas

January 2009

Exxon Mobil Chief Polymer Scientist, Dr. Patrick Brant, Presents “Separator Film Design for Lithium Ion Batteries” on Jan. 23

MIT Professor Timothy M. Swager, Presenting “Polymer Electronics for Chemical Sensors” on Jan. 16

December 2008

Invention Holds Promise for Diabetics, Transplant Patients

(June 5, 2008) Robots to Pump More Iron With Fuel-Powered Muscles (Link to podcast and text)

(May 14, 2008) Dr. Kenneth Balkus, Professor of Chemistry, Earns Prestigious W. T. Doherty Award

(April 22, 2008) Chemistry Students Back on Roll of Honorees

(December 12, 2007) High School Researchers Pocket $40,000 in Scholarship Prizes for Project Started at UT Dallas

(November 19, 2007) UT Dallas Lab Work Takes High School Pair to Victory in Science Competition

(October 29, 2007) UT Dallas team to receive Nano50 Award for inventing fuel-powered artificial muscles (new window link to NewScientistTech)

(October 28, 2007) Carnegie Mellon Honors Ray Baughman as Distinguished Alumnus

(August 15, 2007) UT Dallas Goes to Los Alamos to Explore Applications for Quantum Dots

(July 30, 2007) UT Dallas Professor Works on a New Treatment for Diabetes

(May 9, 2007) Welch Foundation Grants Fund Three UT Dallas Chemistry Researchers’ Work

(May 1, 2007) UT Dallas Chemistry Students Earn Three out of Five Awards at the 40th Annual Meeting-In-Miniature of the DFW Chapter American Chemistry Society

(March 12, 2007) American Chemical Society Recognizes the UT Dallas Chemistry Student Association as 'Outstanding'

(February 7, 2007) UT Dallas Mourns Passing of Nobel Laureate Alan G. MacDiarmid, 1927-2007

(January 25, 2007) Teens Get Chance to ‘SEE’ Science In Innovative Program at UT Dallas

(January 24, 2007) Baughman, Zakhidov Win Prestigious Medal From Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

(January 8, 2007) Going Up? PBS Show on 'Space Elevator' Feature UTD NanoTech Institute

(November 20, 2006) UT Dallas Senior Wins $1,000 Second Prize In Inaugural McKnight Chemistry Competition

(April 26, 2006) Seven UTD Faculty Members Win $584,000 In Texas Advanced Research Program Awards

(April 18, 2006) Nobel Laureate to Pitch Science as Fun To 1,000 Metroplex High School Students

(April 12, 2006) 12 UTD-UT Arlington Research Projects Receive Monies from Joint Funding Program

(March 16, 2006) U. T. Dallas Nanotechnologists Demonstrate Artificial Muscles Powered by Highly Energetic Fuels

(March 16, 2006) A. Dean Sherry Named Director of the Advanced Imaging Research Center at U.T. Southwestern

(September 23, 2005) UTD Scientist Named Associate Editor of Contrast Media and Molecular Imaging Journal

(August 18, 2005) UTD-Led Research Team Produces Strong, Transparent Carbon Nanotube Sheets

(August 17, 2005) Seven Students Successfully Defend Theses in Chemistry

(August 17, 2005) Doctoral Candidate Zhang Awarded Prestigious Scholarship

(June 10, 2005) UTD Scientists Share International Innovation Prize for Nanotechnology Breakthrough

(April 19, 2005) "Nanotechnology: Thinking Small or Small Thinking?"

(April 18, 2005) UTD Chemist Among 3 to Win $1.1 Million to Study Nanoparticles

(January 12, 2005) Kids get hands on grown-up science, take to UTD labs

(January 5, 2005) NanoTech Institute Wins $750,000 Grant for Artificial Muscles Research

(January 3, 2005) Fifth-graders to Participate in UTD's 2nd Annual 'Kids in Chemistry' Event

(June 19, 2005) UTD Scientists Share International Innovation Prize for Nanotechnology Breakthrough

(April 19, 2005) Nanotechnology: Thinking Small or Small Thinking?

(April 18, 2005) Researchers Win $1.1-Million Grant to Study Nanoparticles

(January 12, 2005) Fifth-graders take to UTD labs to learn some basic chemistry

(January 5, 2005) NanoTech Institute Wins $750,000 Grant For Work on Artificial Muscles

(January 3, 2005) 100 Fifth-graders to Participate in UTD’s 2nd ‘Kids in Chemistry’ Event

(December 3, 2004) Nobel Laureate Leads UTD Delegation to India for Physics Lecture

(November 18, 2004) UTD, Australian Scientists Apply Ancient ‘Downsizing’ Technology

(November 3, 2004) UTD, Texas Instruments Join In Simultaneous Groundbreakings

(November 1, 2004) Texas Nanotechnology Research Showcased at UTD Conference

(October 18, 2004) Coalition Bolsters Students In Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

(September 28, 2004) UTD to Increase Visibility Of Disease-Related Research

(September 20, 2004) UTD Plans Public Math, Science Seminars

(September 14, 2004) UTD Alumni Association To Honor Three Former Students

(September 7, 2004) UTD's Musselman New President of Microbeam Analysis Society

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