Chess Program
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 West Campbell Road, FO55
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021

Our office and team room are located on the ground floor of Founders Building, rooms F0 1.506 and 1.508.

Phone: 972-883-2898

Fax: 972-883-2896

Jim Stallings – Director

Jim Stallings
James “Jim” Stallings became director of the UT Dallas Chess Program in 2006. His current responsibilities include team recruiting, expanding chess in the greater Dallas area and administering the program components: the team, the club and the chess in education initiatives. He joined the program in 2004 as associate director for chess and education. In this capacity, Stallings’ primary focus was outreach to the local area and state school districts in assisting them with chess instruction to improve their students’ academic performance. A Dallas native, Stallings has played successfully in Texas and at collegiate chess events. He received his MBA in marketing from DePaul University in Chicago.

Contact Information

Office: 972-883-4899 Fax: 972-883-2896 Cell: 214-793-4967 [email protected] Student Recruitment Chess and Education Community Engagement

Julio Catalino Sadorra – Coach

Julio Catalino Sadorra
Julio Catalino Sadorra was named coach of the UT Dallas chess team in 2019. Previously, he was a member of the UT Dallas chess team where he achieved the title of Grandmaster and helped the UT Dallas chess team win numerous collegiate championships. After graduating from UT Dallas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2013, Sadorra completed in numerous chess tournaments, including the World Cup Chess Championships and the world Chess Olympiad.

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Office: 972-883-2898 Fax: 972-883-2896 [email protected] Chess Team

Tim Steiner – Program Coordinator

Tim Steiner
Tim Steiner became Program Coordinator in early 2020. He currently handles daily organizational and clerical duties for all members of the chess team. Tim’s previous experience includes a 20 year career teaching chess, developing that business model in two different cities and a short duration in the medical field. He is originally from Kansas City but he has made Dallas his home since 2015. Tim has over three decades of chess experience, has earned the Candidate Master title, and been a multi-time state champion. Tim has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Kansas State University.

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Office: 972-883-2898 Fax: 972-883-2896 [email protected] Chess Program Administration

Alexey Root – Lecturer

Alexey Root – Lecturer
Dr. Alexey Root is the author of Children and Chess: A Guide for Educators (Teacher Ideas Press, 2006). Root has a PhD in education from the University of California, Los Angeles (1999). Since joining UT Dallas in 1999, Root has taught education classes, tutored prospective teachers for certification exams, supervised student teachers and created and taught online education courses that explore the uses of chess in classrooms. Root teaches chess at elementary and middle schools, and at summer chess camps. Root was the winner of the 1989 U.S. Women’s Chess Championship.

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Office: 972-883-2323 [email protected] Online Chess Courses

Phil Roth – Communications Manager

Phil Roth
Phil Roth is the current media contact for the UT Dallas Chess Program.

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Office: 972-883-2193 [email protected] Media Relations