Chess Program

Office of the Executive Vice President

Fact Sheet

The University of Texas at Dallas Chess Program

  • Established in 1996, the UT Dallas Chess Program is divided into three components: The team, the club and chess in education initiatives, including online instruction and summer camps.
  • Since the team’s formation, 48 Grandmasters (GMs) and International Masters (IMs) have played for UT Dallas.
  • The chess team has won or tied for first in the following national and international competitions:
    • the Pan American Intercollegiate Championship – ten times
    • the National Collegiate Chess League team championship – six times
    • the Final Four of Chess, also known as the President’s Cup – five times
  • The chess team spreads goodwill and extends a global presence for the University by playing more International matches than any other university in the United States.
    • Expositional match with the University of Nankai in Beijing
    • Expositional match with the Instituto Superior de Cultura Fisica (ISCU) in Havana
    • Internet A/V matches with the University of Belgrade
    • Internet TelePresence match against the Chennai District Chess Association (CDCA) in India
  • UT Dallas supports up-and-coming chess talent with chess scholarships annually.
  • The University chess club is an open-access group which offers a friendly environment for improving one’s game, as well as service opportunities. The club hosts the annual UT Dallas ChessFest and the Chess Educator of the Year Award Ceremony.
  • UT Dallas offers two online courses on using chess in the classroom, for undergraduate credit. Classes are taught by Dr. Alexey Root, former U.S. Women’s Chess Champion.

*Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player can obtain. GMs attain a rating of at least 2500. The title is granted for life. International masters (IMs) obtain a rating of at least 2400. Both GMs and IMs have also achieved three norms, which occur when a player achieves three favorable results in international tournaments involving other IMs and GMs.