Studies in K-12 classrooms have shown a correlation between chess instruction and an increase in reading and other cognitive skills. Chess can improve students’ concentration, raise test scores and add variety to the classroom environment. We invite educators to join our Chess Online courses to gain new instruction methods and tools on how to incorporate chess in the classroom.

Chess Online

Chess Online consists of two for-credit, three-hour undergraduate courses.

Courses Descriptions

  • ED 4358: Chess I — Using Chess in Schools (Undergraduate) 3 semester hours. Using chess to teach critical thinking, math, and reading skills in the classroom. This course is also appropriate for chess instructors who wish to incorporate additional academic and humanistic goals into their programs. Instructor: Dr. Alexey Root.
  • ED 4359: Chess II — Using Institutional & Cultural Contexts of Chess (Undergraduate). 3 semester hours. ED 4359 students give examples of the cultural role of chess as a combination of art, game, history, and science using the interdisciplinary methods of the arts and humanities. Students in ED 4359 analyze essays on chess in education. Each student’s culminating paper proposes improving an existing chess program or developing a new chess program. Instructor: Dr. Alexey Root.

Scheduling Information

Students can take the Chess I or Chess II courses one at a time, or take both in the same semester; students can also register for Chess II without having taken Chess I. The courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer via UT Dallas eLearning.

Interested in registering for Chess Online?

Contact Dr. Alexey Root, Chess Online advisor.

For more information, visit the Chess Online website.