Comet Card

Off Campus Merchant Program

Comet Cash accepted at the following local off campus merchants:

Spend To Win

Comet Cash Off-Campus Rewards Program

Pay with Comet Cash at select off-campus merchants for a chance to win prizes!

Program runs in the fall & spring semesters (8/21/17 to 5/10/18)

How to participate

Earn one point for each transaction with Comet Cash at the participating off-campus merchants.*


  1. 5 Points - T-Shirt
  2. 20 Points - Two Movie Tickets
  3. 20+ Points - Grand Prize Drawing Entry

Available to current students only.

*Maximum of one point for each merchant allowed in one day. For example, using UBER twice in one day will only net one point. Using UBER and then making a purchase at Chipotle in one day will net two points.